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The Rotterdam City Tour

Centrum, Rotterdam (0)
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The Rotterdam City Tour

It’s terrific you’re joining me on a trip into the city. So, what are we going to do? Of course I’ll be taking you to divers icons in the city and explain to you how these areas and buildings came into existence.

Behind a lot that is built and developed in Rotterdam, lie stories that not many people know about. Also in the areas of water management, innovations and culture Rotterdam has much to offer. I will explain it all to you.

Do you know the dynamics of the city isn’t only about what you can see but also about what you can’t. Behind the scenes there’s a lot going on creating new elan in the years to come. That’s why I will discuss interesting upcoming projects with you too.

Believe me, you’ll leave Rotterdam completely up-to-date. On your next visit to Rotterdam you’ll be able to amaze your companions with your knowledge of the international development of the city Rotterdam.


  • Rotterdam Central Train StationMeeting Point

    The Rotterdam City Tour starts at Rotterdam Central Station. The station opened in march 2014 and you can see it from far away. The architecture is beautiful and combined with the skyline it has put Rotterdam back on the map of world cities to visit.

  • Kruisplein45 Minutes in the Tour

    After a small walk with various highlights covered we arrive at the 'Kruisplein'. This spot embodies the multicultural heart of the city. Rotterdam is home of approximately 170 different cultures and the Kruisplein marks the border of old and new architecture and city history.

  • SchielandhuisCoffee Break

    The Schielandhuis is one of the few buildings that survived the city bombing and its fire on May the 14th, 1940. The building (1662) has a rich history and still plays an important role in the modern history of the city. Napoleon and his Tsar Alexander both used the it as their residence. We will will have a small coffee break at this spot while enjoying this magnificent building in between the modern skyscrapers of the inner city.

  • Markthal2 Hours in the Tour

    The immense Markthal houses almost 100 food stalls that are perfect for stocking up on fresh local produce beneath a dramatic mural covered ceiling. It is the spot that you must see, taste and experience. It is located in on the inner city border which just recently exploded as the hot spot for urban junkies.

  • Cube Houses & Old HabourFarewell

    Our tour ends at the world famous Cube houses and a view on the old inner city harbour. The spot is home of the 'White House' (Witte Huis) which was the highest building during pre-war Europe.