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Rotterdam Food Tour

Central Station, Rotterdam (0)
from/per person  45.00
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Food-Tour-Rotterdam-City-By-Mik-Hartman Bitterbal


Rotterdam Food Tour

Do you know I just love food and cooking! Combine that to my knowledge of the city and you will understand why you mustn’t miss out on the Food Tour!

Let me introduce and guide you regarding the various dishes and snacks that the Dutch and also specifically Rotterdammers enjoy. Don’t worry, we’ll skip ‘uierbord’ (cow’s udder on a plate).

After the Food Tour you won’t only be informed of these culinary wonders but you will have tasted them and the ambiance of the city of Rotterdam and its inhabitants too. Not only will you taste these delicacies but you’ll learn about the stories of when and how they came to exist.

Do you know what’s remarkable? In some cases the Dutch culinary history goes back centuries. With some dishes and snacks, for example our humble bitterbal, influences from outside of the Netherlands play a large role.

Due to immigration, trading and other contacts over the world dishes have come into existence that are actually fusions but have in time become typically Dutch. The tastings will lead you to some great culinary locations in Rotterdam

  • Whilst booking this tour you can also book subsequent dinner arrangements (including two drinks) for just € 30,00 extra.


  • Rotterdam Central Train StationMeeting Point

    The Rotterdam City Tour starts at Rotterdam Central Station. The station opened in march 2014 and you can see it from far away. The architecture is beautiful and combined with the skyline it has put Rotterdam back on the map of world cities to visit.

  • Local PubFarewell

    The Netherlands is the birthplace of Gin. Hence our tour will end at a local pub where you will enjoy some local pub dishes and famous local spirits.